Why are wars from before june 22nd not included?

That's when the SWC devs stopped messing with the war requirements, levels and outposts and started keeping track of the opponents in the war history.

Can you make an exception for me and add my wars manually?

Only if you can provide and proof the unrecorded wars of al 13.000+ squads and then come help us type it all in ;)

Where are you getting this data?

We have a droid logging in to the game and visiting all the squads. It notes down all the information it sees before moving on to the next squad.

How is the skill change calculated?

Using the math in this paper: "TrueSkill™: A Bayesian Skill Rating System"

How does the ranking work?

We use TrueSkill™. It's an algorithm to determine the relative strength between opponents. This site has an excellent explanation. In short it looks more at who you win or lose from than how much you win or lose.

When does a war appear on the site?

Our droid is programmed so that each squad should be updated roughly once every 24 hours. Sometimes a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower.

Why do we need 10 victories to be ranked?

Because the skill determination algorithm needs to have enough data to work with to become accurate enough. And using the amount of wins rather than the amount of wars keeps out the losers.

When will you provide ranking for windows server?

There are no current plans to provide ranking for the windows server. This may change if we can find a highly skilled and trustworthy extra engineer to help out.

Why are squad war matches so unfair?

Because the developers at Disney use their own matchmaking algorithms and not ours ;)

What does "Rep invested" mean?"

That is the amount of reputation points that that member has invested in their squad.

What does "base strength" mean?

The base strength is an internal value that is used for matchmaking. It depends on the level of your HQ and SC (SquadCenter), turrets and traps. It is a MUCH better indicator of the strength of a base than HQ level.

A table listing the values is located here.

What does "UL" mean?